What is a grant of probate?

A grant of Probate is an order of the Court which authorises an executor to act. On receiving the grant the Executor is entitled to call in and convert the assets of the estate, discharge liabilities, and distribute the estate assets according to the terms of the Will. In most cases, obtaining a grant of probate is a non-contentious administrative process. Family members underestimate the time and effort involved preparing the application. There are strict rules which you must follow. Improperly completed applications require further clarification from the court this results in delay in finalising the estate.

In some cases, the Will itself is defective. This complicates the application process. For example, the Will may not have been properly executed. The Will may contain marks, staple holes, or other damage, which raises a presumption that something was attached to it. The deceased may have suffered dementia prior to the date of their death. This raises the court’s curiosity as to whether, or not, the deceased had capacity to understand the will on the date it was signed. These kinds of applications require specialised affidavits.

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